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SAICE Blog May 28, 2011  
By Zina Girald on 2010/03/30 04:25 PM

There is an increasing awareness that engineering is at the very heart of sustainable development and growth. Our planet has been showing signs of suffering severe stress in various areas. The name of the game and the game itself have changed. SAICE called an Indaba where government and a variety of stakeholders met for sharing, learning and building decision-making capacity.

Were you there? What were your thoughts and impressions? Please comment below.

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By Zina Girald on 2009/07/27 12:01 PM

SAICE has decided to involve young members and students on a large scale, being the future of the organisation - young blood is needed to start taking over from the older generation

The largest part of our membership are members under 35, of which a major number are students and we are not doing much to cater for their needs

This workshop aims to investigate what those needs really are and how we should be positioning ourselves to add the most possible value for our young members

We are bringing an invited group together to tap their brains and also to inform them what SAICE does already and what we stand for as an organisation

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By Zina Girald on 2009/02/05 02:48 PM

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