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SAICE office bearers January 19, 2010  
SAICE Office Bearers  

President: Prof Elsabé Kearsley is a specialist in the field of concrete materials. The research in which she is involved, aims at reducing the environmental impact of the concrete and cement industry by using materials more effectively and efficiently. The research includes studying foamed concrete, very high strength concrete, fibre reinforcing and the inclusion of waste materials, such as coal ash from power stations, recycled concrete, glass, etc. The ultimate dream is to provide high strength, affordable lightweight concrete for ease of application in major structures, which would have an economic impact on construction in South Africa.

“A current focal point of my research into this technology is its application in the design and production of building materials for affordable housing. The thermal isolation properties of the product are also investigated in view of South Africa’s energy problems. The use of foamed concrete in buildings could, for instance, obviate the use of air-conditioning equipment,” she says.

She passionately believes that one has to be the change agent, otherwise nothing will ever change. She is also adamant that, “As an industry we have to take responsibility for ourselves, and part of that is to plough back. You cannot be too busy to volunteer your time for SAICE or ECSA or any other professional organisation; it is not an option.”

Elsabé’s philosophy is to grab every opportunity and run with it as hard as she can, which is what she intends doing on SAICE’s behalf during her presidential year.

Download Elsabé’s Presidential Address

Contact Elsabe on 27 (012) 420 2176 or e-Mail [email protected]


President Elect & Vice President - Relevance & Recognition: Mr Ali Naidu, is presently the CEO of PD Naidoo and Associates based in the Johannesburg office. He graduated from the University of Natal with a BSc Eng degree. In 1993 he graduated with a post-graduate degree in Project Management specialising in project management.

As a graduate engineer he gained knowledge of the water supply field whilst spending time in the Department of Water Affairs planning department. He then moved on to gain valuable knowledge of Lesotho whilst designing access roads to the Katse dam under the guidance of experienced engineers of Van Wyk & Louw (Africon). The next several years were spent in the structural engineering environment where he specialized in industrial and commercial structures, predominantly in structural steelwork. He spent several years with South African Breweries in the Engineering and Projects Division, where he was responsible for project management of several large multi-disciplinary projects.

Upon joining PD Naidoo & Associates, he assumed the role of Managing Director where the technical focus of the business was his primary responsibility. He has involved in projects involving provision of basic infrastructure, design and management of various structural projects, design and management of infrastructure works including rural water schemes.

He currently serves on the Board of Consult Consortium, a private company appointed by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, for the provision of basic water and sanitation in Mpumalanga (South Africa). Consult Consortium have been responsible for approximately R 150 million of rural water infrastructure. They have had the added responsibility of ensuring that the ISD (Institutional and Social Development) and O&M (Operations and Maintenance) were addressed. Mr. Naidu was involved in the business plan formulation for these aspects.

Contact Ali on 27 (0)11 877 0102 or e-mail: [email protected]


Vice President - Organizational Transformation:Chris Campbell

Christopher Campbell was born in Newclare, Johannesburg and educated in both Johannesburg and Tallahassee, USA. He obtained a National Higher Diploma (Civil) as well as a BSc (Civil), which was later followed by a host of management qualifications. Chris started his career as a draughtsman and over the past 26 years has been involved in infrastructure development projects. His initial involvement was on “traditional” residential and commercial developments, but later extended to labour intensive road construction in urban environments and informal housing developments. To add to his diverse infrastructure portfolio of experiences, Chris spent 9 years with Spoornet as a railway infrastructure engineer and subsequently as an Infrastructure Manager for both its flagship Heavy Haul Lines. After a spell on the Gautrain Project, he was appointed to Transnet Projects as part of the team responsible for the implementation of Transnet’s multi-billion rand infrastructure investment programme. He is Chairman of the SAICE Railway & Harbour Division 2006 & 2007 and is active in ECSA as both a member of the board as well as on various ECSA Sub-Committees.

Contact Chris on 27 (0)11 231 6173 or e-mail: [email protected]

Vice President: Tom McKune


Contact Tom on 27 (0)33 845 8916 or e-mail: [email protected]




Vice President: Werner Jerling


Contact Werner on 27 (0)11 571 4431 or e-mail: [email protected]




Vice President: Seetella Makhetha


Contact Seetella on 27 (0)41 365 3833 or e-mail: [email protected]




Immediate Past President: Mr Johan de Koker was appointed as head of department of Civil Engineering Technology at the Doornfontein campus of the University of Johannesburg in July 2007, after nearly forty years in the railway industry. He was born in 1950 and grew up in the Mpumalanga Lowveld. Most of Johan’s previous experience lies within development and research of railway track-related products and processes, specifically in the areas of rail lubrication, insulated rail joints, rail profiling and corrosion, rail defects and fatigue, and technical audit of track. He developed various rail-related products and systems, one of which gained international recognition, and presented more than thirty papers on technical and professional subjects.

Johan is presently working towards a PhD in engineering at the University of Johannesburg. He obtained his Masters Diploma in Technology, Civil Engineering, (Structural) in 1992 and was awarded the National Diploma for Technicians T4 (Civil Engineering) at the Technikon Witwatersrand in 1972. As a Professional Engineering Technologist he serves on various ECSA accreditation and registration committees and was member of the ECSA Council from 2001 to 2005. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Professional Engineering Technologists and served as president of that Institute from 1993 to 1995 and again from 1999 to 2001.

Johan served on the Council of SAICET (SA Institute of Civil Engineering Technicians and Technologists) as vice-president before the merger with SAICE and has since then been serving on various SAICE committees and the SAICE Council. He has served as vice-president of SAICE since 2002.

Download Johan's Presidential Address

Contact Johan on +27 (0)11 559 6540 or e-mail: [email protected]


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